Everyday Edisons is an Emmy and Telly Award–winning inspirational reality TV series developed
by Edison Nation, a full-service product development company, that originally aired in 2006 for
four seasons on PBS. The show chronicled the journeys of first-time inventors as they brought
their products to market, and viewers rooted for their favorite inventor throughout the
episodes, learning the identity of the winner at the season’s end. Attracting a wide viewership,
the series launched 30 products into major retailers.

In the relaunched series, each episode will feature three inventors competing to have their idea
selected by a panel of leading innovators for development by Edison Nation. Incorporating
segments featuring the triumphs of successful inventors, episodes will rekindle the excitement
of the original series while providing a new level of educational value to contestants and
viewers. The show will be produced by 23-time Emmy Award winner Michael Cable, who
hosted the original series.

The new season of Everyday Edisons will stream for FREE on Crackle.

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